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Beauty of Interior Shutters

Whether you need extra privacy, protection from the sun and elements, or just want an elegant, traditional look for your window treatments, Shuttermart has just what you’re looking for.

We specialize in attractive shutters of all kinds, sizes, and styles.

Interior Shutters
Award Winning Technology

Interior Shutter Award Winning Technology

Finest quality materials

Finest quality

Skillfully installed

Skillfully installed by expert craftsmen


Shuttermart has just what you’re looking for.

Vinyl Shutters

100% Vinyl Shutters

Shuttermart’s Vinyl shutters are made with a patented Polynesian material. They are a honey combed product and are ideal for high moisture areas.

Your Shuttermart Designer will help you select shutters with the right design elements and architectural qualities to meet your goals and objectives. Your Designer is an active listener who will offer smart ideas and inventive solutions you may not have considered.

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Basswood Shutters

100% Basswood Shutters

Wood shutters from Shuttermart are individually crafted with kiln dried clear woods milled to precise specifications.

Time and care go into every step, from the inspection of the milled wood to eliminating imperfections, to the creation of Shuttermart’s beaded groove at style and rails.

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Why It’s Smart...

All-Wood Shutter

Hardwood Construction Works Just Like An All-Wood Shutter

Shuttermart looks and works just like a traditional wood shutter. The hardwood core delivers the strength to build large "door-like" panels that can be wide and tall. This characteristic is found only in the highest quality wood shutters.

Hand Picked Hard Wood

Hand Picked Hard Wood

Every shutter is built with hand-picked poplar and European Baltic birch woods. We do not use MDF (fiberboard), sawdust, and other composite materials to build our panels. The result is remarkable strength and durability in every panel.

Hardwood dowels

Polyclad Surface Is Maintenance Free

Shuttermart is finished with a rigid Polyclad surface. Polyclad is a resin surface (polyvinyl chloride or PVC) that is clad over the wood. This surface will not scratch, dent, fade, peel or discolor. It is easy to clean, durable, and virtually maintenance-free.

Tilt rod hook design

Triple Dowel Furniture Quality Joinery

The rails and stiles are joined using three two-inch hardwood dowels. This triple dowel joinery is only found in high-quality furniture and ensures that panels never come apart

Wide single panels

TwistLock Tilt Rod Design Never Pulls Apart

Instead of the staples used in most shutters, Shuttermart uses a patented tilt rod hook design that twists and locks into each louver. These TwistLock T hooks will never pull out of the louvers.


Louvers Eliminate Warpage Problems And Give Superior Insulation

By using louvers with an air core, we created the best insulation and eliminated solid louver warpage problems caused by the louver weight, humidity, and the hot sun. And with our additional aluminum reinforcement on large windows, we can make very wide single panels that will not warp. guaranteed!

“It’s incredible how the shutters look like they’ve been there forever. I can not detect where they start and where the window frame ends. It looks so custom! Loving my shutters…”

- Jeff Detrow from the Jeff & Jer showgram, KyXy 96.5 Radio

Shuttermart San Diego

Shuttermart San Diego