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Enjoy Beautiful, Custom-Made Interior Shutters in Your Fairbanks Ranch, CA Home!

Could your Fairbanks Ranch, CA home use an update? Maybe you’re wondering what would add a touch of modern elegance, or how you can add the cherry on top of the home restoration you’re working on.

Might we suggest interior shutters? Take a look at the benefits of adding interior shutters and find out the easiest way to pick them out here!

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The Benefits of Adding Interior Shutters to Your Fairbanks Ranch, CA Home

Fairbanks Ranch residents enjoy loads of warm sunshine for most of the year. This sunny climate is a good thing — most of the time.

However, constant exposure to UV rays can fade fabrics on furniture or even the rugs on your floors. Closing your interior shutters is a fantastic way to give the interior of your home a break from the sun.

As a bonus, you’ll spend less on energy for air conditioning when you don’t have hot rays shining intensely into your home every afternoon!

Plus, interior shutters just plain look nice. Depending on the style you choose, you can add anything from a sleek, modern touch to an elegant, vintage look to your interior decorating

The Best Custom Shutters in Fairbanks Ranch, CA

When it’s time to buy your shutters, don’t talk to just anyone — talk to the experts! With over 70 years of experience with interior shutters in the greater San Diego area, we here at Shuttermart know a thing or two about shutters!

We’ve helped thousands of customers find the perfect style to match their homes and build the aesthetic they enjoy.

Custom Shutters in Fairbanks Ranch
Interior Shutters at Shuttermart

Types of Interior Shutters at Shuttermart

In all that time, we’ve figured out what materials work with the humid, salt-infused sea air that we enjoy in this area. We offer three types of shutters — all of which last a long time even in this somewhat challenging climate.

Polyclad shutters offer a hard polyvinyl surface over hardwood. You can count on this surface to stay pristine without scratches, dents, fading, or discoloration. Plus, they’re super easy to clean.

Vinyl shutters have skyrocketed in popularity due to their low maintenance and relatively low cost. And though they don’t hit your wallet as hard, you can still expect them to offer many years of faithful service.

Basswood shutters look just like real wood because they are wood! But our kiln-drying process on clear woods ensures that these shutters won’t be plagued by warping, rotting, or any other moisture problems.

The Experts at Shuttermart

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Don’t know much about interior shutters? That’s okay, our experts do! We’ll be happy to show you the differences between each type of material and help you choose the best shutters for your needs.

Then, we’ll show up at your Fairbanks Ranch, CA home with your custom-made shutters and install them quickly and quietly. We’ll be out of your hair, and you’ll have beautiful shutters before you know it!

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