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Polyclad Shutters

Polyclad shutters that are safer and easy to clean than a traditional wood shutter

Easy to wipe down, easy to handle, sturdy, beautiful, and they’re more fire-resistant than wood shutters. Polyclad shutters have a classic look and flair to them that’ll make your home feel brighter when you want it and darker when you don’t.

  • Each shutter has a solid hardwood core that makes them strong and stable, but the PolyClad cover help maintain a traditional wood look without the maintenance hassles.
  • Never worry about humidity, splintering, snapping, or cracking with poly shutters.
  • Get superior energy efficiency. Polyclad shutters insulate better and block out the cold or heat. That’s great news for your energy bills.
  • You’ll never see dropping or discoloration.
  • The poly surface is resistant to peeling and warping, too.
  • Despite being wood underneath, the poly covering makes these some of the best fire retardant shutters available. They’re California Fire Marshall rated.

Unmatched style and color choices with Shuttermart’s polyclad wood shutters

Polyclad wood shutters have a look and aesthetic similar to custom plantation shutters. The rigid poly resin materials keeps them looking bright, especially on light colors like white.

A Shuttermart Designer will help you pick out the right shutters at the right color for your home. Every shutter is built with hand-picked poplar and European Baltic birch wood, comes with a lifetime limited warranty, and great innovations like a hidden rear tilt feature and dowel furniture-quality joinery.

Shuttermart San Diego

Shuttermart San Diego