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ShutterSmart EnergyGuard System

Windows are a significant source of energy loss in homes. Learn about how to save energy with shutters. According to experts, up to 50% of a home’s heating and cooling energy escapes through windows. Compared to insulated walls or roofs, even standard double pane windows allow 10 times more energy to escape. The good news is that homeowners can reduce their utility bills and save money by using shutters.

Shutters help to control energy consumption in three ways. Firstly, they control solar heat by allowing sunlight into the house in winter and blocking it out during summer. Secondly, they help to control heat flow by keeping heat within the home instead of allowing it to escape through the windows. Lastly, they control lighting by allowing homeowners to adjust the amount of light entering the home simply by adjusting the tilt of the louvers. The ShutterSmart EnergyGuard Shutter Insulation System, a polyclad wood shutter, is designed to provide the energy savings required by the Federal Energy Tax Credit program. It features superior insulation with Thermocore louvers with a cellular air cavity, which nest tightly into frames, giving homeowners the highest level of insulation available.

When homeowners insulate their windows, they can save energy with shutters. Homeowners can also qualify for a tax credit of 30% of the cost of the shutters, up to a maximum of $1200. The shutter is tested and certified to qualify for the rigid standards of the Federal Energy Tax Credit program. ShutterSmart EnergyGuard exceeds the U factor and SHGC requirements, and it reduces heat loss through windows by up to two-thirds, keeping homes warm at night and during winter. Moreover, ShutterSmart EnergyGuard delivers much more, such as elegance, low maintenance, durability, strength, and easy cleaning.

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Shuttermart San Diego