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High-Quality, Gorgeous Shutters in Rancho, CA

What are the special touches that make your house a home? The way you decorate, of course!

The photos you hang on the walls, the color you choose for the kitchen cabinets, and the window treatments you choose for the windows. Each of these little touches brings a piece of the puzzle that turns your house into a home.

Interested in getting new shutters for your windows in Rancho, CA? We can help!

70 Years of Experience

Why should you trust us with helping you pick out window shutters? Well, we’ve been at it for over 70 years! In that time, we’ve learned a lot about what works — and what doesn’t.

Our designers are highly skilled and can help you create the perfect look you’re going for — even when you don’t exactly know how to describe it in words.

Plus, since we’ve worked for so long in communities like Rancho in the greater San Diego area, we understand the climate and what materials work best here. The sun and the salty sea air can really do a number on building materials if you don’t choose something that has been specially formulated to withstand the elements.

Shutter Materials

To that end, we offer three shutter materials to choose from. All have proven to hold up well in our salty, sunny climate.

Vinyl Shutters

These versatile shutters are made from a patented Polynesian material. The honeycomb structure makes them perfect for lasting a long time even in high-moisture areas. There are a plethora of looks and styles to choose from and our designer will help you pick the perfect look for your home.

Polyclad Shutters

Our polyclad shutters are ideal for interiors and are guaranteed to last a long time. A polyvinyl surface is clad over the hardwood. This offers a shutter surface that is highly resistant to scratching, denting, fading, peeling, or discoloring. There’s no paint involved either so you don’t have to worry about repainting.

Basswood Shutters

Our final option is available for those who love the wood look. Of course, wood by itself struggles with the humid climate in Rancho, CA. But our process of kiln-drying clear wood ensures a superior product that provides all the beauty of wood without any of the problems.

Delivery and Installation

Once our team has helped you pick out the perfect shutters for your Rancho home, leave the rest up to us.

We’ll craft your custom shutters and bring them right to your home. Our technicians will set to work installing your new shutters, being careful not to be too intrusive. We always put up protection for your windows, doors, and floors and clean up after ourselves before we leave!

New Shutters in Rancho, CA

Getting new shutters, even custom shutters, in Rancho, CA doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Call our team today to learn how simple the process can be. Before you know it, you’ll be admiring your new, beautiful shutters!

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