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How to Pair Plantation Shutters with Curtains

Some things were made for each other: peanut butter and jelly, chocolate and caramel, plantation shutters and curtains. The trick is knowing how to blend these two things. When it comes to plantation shutters and curtains, this magic couple can elevate any home when paired well.

What are plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters are fixed to the windowsill or door frame. Traditionally they have wider slats (also called louvers). Unlike blinds, plantation shutters fit the window frame entirely rather than hanging and operated by a drawstring.

Homeowners install plantation shutters because:

  • They can increase the value of the home.
  • They’re easy to adjust.
  • They provide efficient temperature control.
  • They can last longer than some kinds of conventional blinds.
  • They can cut down on the light and sound in a space.
  • They add an element of sophistication.

Want to learn more about the value of plantation shutters? We’ve looked deeper into how plantation shutters add value to a home.

Why you SHOULD pair plantation shutters with curtains:

Plantation shutters on their own can lack pizzazz. By pairing plantation shutters with curtains, you can play with colour, patterns, and style.

Adding curtains to your window fixtures can elevate your home’s appearance and add extra privacy. Curtains add necessary contrast and depth to window design while also helping to insulate against light, temperature variation, and sound. Shutters are a great way to create privacy while still being able to let in some light. When you have curtains available, it allows for greater privacy and light control when desired.

Plantation shutters on their own can quickly disappear into the background of a space thanks to their clean and sleek design. Pairing curtains with the look allows you to infuse your personal style and give more visual depth to a room, thanks to layering techniques.

How to style curtains with plantation shutters: (how to pair Plantation Shutters with Curtains)

Now that you understand the value of pairing plantation shutters with curtains, you may wonder how to pull this look off. You’ll need to choose colours, patterns, and materials that work with your design style and home, but there are some guidelines to consider when pairing shutters and curtains.

Choose your plantation shutters first.

Install your plantation shutters first. It can be challenging to install shutters when curtains are already in place. You’ll be designing the curtains around the shutters for functionality, so be sure to install shutters before deciding where to place your curtain rod. It’s also a better idea to choose a more neutral shutter and then have fun with the design or the curtains, as they’re easier to change in future if you decide to mix things up.

Choose the right style of hanging curtains.

The best pairing for plantation shutters is hanging panel curtains. Roman shades or roller shades will make operating the plantation shutters difficult. To get a breathtaking appearance and retain accessibility choose a fabric and fixtures for the hanging curtains that pair well with the space and the furniture within the room.

Install the curtains in the right place.

You need to think about the horizontal and vertical placement of the curtains. When we consider horizontal placement, we’re referring to installing the curtains on a mounting rod longer than the window itself. A longer mounting rod will allow you to push the curtains all the way to the side so you can open the shutters and let in natural light and fresh air!

Vertical placement is more concerned with how high the curtains will be placed above the window frame. Mounting curtains closer to the ceiling can give the illusion of taller windows and a higher ceiling.

A good guideline, which many interior designers use, is to mount the curtain rod a minimum of six inches to the side and above the window frame. You can even mount the rod directly below the ceiling for as much height as possible.

Choose the right shape of the curtains.

There are many ways to create formal and casual looks based on how you style the shape of panel curtains. Curtains don’t have to loosely hang in place at the sides of the window. To achieve a tailored look, use tiebacks or hooks on either side of the window frame. Tiebacks are made of materials such as rope or fabric, and hold-backs are mounted hooks made of metal, wood, or other hard materials. Tiebacks and hold backs create shape and structure around the window frame. We commonly see these devices used if the window is in a particular shape or framing a piece of furniture. Using tools to shape and hold curtains will help you avoid them hanging across bench seats or side tables when they’re open during the day.

Have any questions on how to pair Plantation Shutters with Curtains?

Our shutter designers can help you find the perfect pairing for your home. You can choose to install yourself or get a professional shutter installer to get you up and ready in as little as a day. Get in touch today.

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